It has been more than a year since the corona virus has arrived in the world, but till now there is a lack of accurate information about it. Research is being done on this in thousands. However, no concrete result can be reached without any precise information.

For the past several days there was a discussion on whether the corona could be spread from the dead body to another even after 12 hours of death? Now the expert doctor of AIIMS has given his important opinion on this. The head of the forensic department at AIIMS, Dr. Sudhir Gupta, said that there is no possibility of the corona infected person spreading the infection from his nose or throat 12 to 24 hours after his death. Because until then the virus cannot remain active in the dead body.

Research was being done for one year
The subject has been studied in AIIMS in the last one year, after which doctors have reached this conclusion. Dr. Sudhir Gupta said that during the last one year, research was done in the forensic department of AIIMS on the dead bodies of corona infected persons. In this, after the postmortem, it was found that the viruses become inactive after 12 hours.

He said that about 100 dead bodies have been tested in AIIMS forensic department after being infected with corona. Coronas were examined between 12 to 24 hours in these dead bodies, whose results have been negative. Dr. Gupta said that the corona virus is not active in any oral and nasal cavity of the body after 24 hours. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get a virus infection from the body of a corona-infected person 12 hours after death.

It is necessary to wear PPE kit in view of preconception
Dr. Sudhir Gupta told that although to avoid any kind of untoward, we completely closed the oral and nasal cavity of the dead body so that if any fluid also passes through these mediums then it does not cause infection. Therefore we recommend to do so. Apart from this, we recommend health workers to wear protective gear while cremating the dead body which includes face mask and face cover, PPE kit is necessary.


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