Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar on Thursday retaliated on the allegations leveled by the BJP on the Maharashtra government for showing low figures of Carona patients. He said that there is no river in the city where the body can be flushed. In some states, there was a big controversy last month due to the work figures of Corona in some states, especially in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, where dead bodies were buried on the banks of the Ganges and bodies flowing in the river.

News agency ANI quoted Kishori Pednekar, in which she said – the death toll from Corona is not being hidden. He said- “The figures are not being hidden in Mumbai. There is no river in Mumbai where those who died of corona can be flown in it. The figure of all deaths from Corona was recorded at three places. So they cannot be hidden.”

Maharashtra was constantly criticized by the BJP saying that during both the first and second wave of corona, the maximum number of corona cases were reported here. However, Prime Minister Modi said that only more corona tests can tell more figures of corona and this is the need of the hour during the pandemic.

During the second wave of corona with only 15 thousand 947 new active cases, the management of corona in Mumbai was very good and the recovery from infection was very fast. During the hearing on the shortage of oxygen last month, the Supreme Court also praised it. The court had said- “The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has done a wonderful job.”

Significantly, after seeing the pictures of crematoriums and cemeteries, questions were raised around the world regarding the officially released figures during the second wave of corona in a row.


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