Bill to make strike illegal in defense production institutions passed in Lok Sabha

Parliament Monsoon Session: The Essential Defense Services Bill 2021 (The Essential Defense Services Bill, 2021) was passed by voice vote in the Lok Sabha today. Now in the next two to three days, the government will try to get this bill passed from the Rajya Sabha. Once passed by the Rajya Sabha, it will be sent to the President under the rules. With the signature of the President, this bill will be converted into law. At present, the ordinance related to this has been implemented by the government. The rules of the ordinance have been kept in the bill so that this ordinance can be converted into law.

The ordinance is in force from June 30

The Modi government has promulgated an ordinance named The Essential Defense Services Ordinance on June 30. In this ordinance, institutions related to defense production have been brought under the category of Essential Defense Services.

Strike illegal in institutions with essential defense services

In this ordinance (now also in the bill) the institutions coming under the essential defense service have been defined. According to the ordinance, if an attempt is made to strike in such institutions, it will be considered illegal.

There is a provision for imprisonment of up to two years

The provisions of the ordinance (now also in the bill) have made provision for jail term for persons involved in this “unlawful” act. There is a provision of fine. Not only this, if any person instigates any other person to strike, then there is a provision of imprisonment for two years and a fine of fifteen thousand rupees.

Preparations are on to make world class modern weapons

There are 41 ordnance factories under the Ordnance Factory Board across the country. From soldiers’ uniforms to weapons, ammunition and big cannons are made in these factories. In the cabinet meeting held on 16th of last month, the Modi government has decided to divide all these factories into 7 corporations. The government claims that this decision will help in modernizing these factories so that world class modern weapons can be prepared.

The government is accused of trying to privatize

Labor organizations working in the defense sector claim that the Modi government is privatizing these factories on the pretext of this step. About 80000 laborers and workers work in these factories.

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