When you hear the name of Bill Gates, the picture of that handsome man comes to your eyes, to many backward people in the world who are the representatives of God today. That Bill Gates, who also had 120.7 billion dollar in his pocket, lined up at McDonald’s to buy food. Who voluntarily jumped out of a forty-five year bond with Microsoft to make the world a better place. There are many stories of different tastes spread throughout the life of Bill Gates. The current Bill Gates cannot be matched with the stories involved.

Naughty Bill from Lakeside School :-

Despite being extremely talented, Bill had a special reputation at school for his mischief. While a student at Seattle’s Lakeside School, Bill Gates deliberately failed some of the school’s subjects. The teachers were angry about this. They knew Bill deliberately made the test worse. In fact, he would deliberately give bad exams to those subjects that he did not like. School authorities once asked Bill Gates to divide the class of students into several smaller groups for the English class. Bill Gates did not put any boy student in his group. Except for him, everyone else in the group was girl student. Whom he liked.

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, was a classmate of Bill Gates. At Lakeside School, they spent hours in the computer room. But then to use the computer, the local ‘C-Cubed’ company had to be paid through the school. The two friends started trying to hack the accounts of the administrators of ‘C-Cubed’ company to use the computer for free.

Bill and Allen would leave the house at night and look for papers thrown in the C-Cubed company’s dustbin. One day, while searching the dustbin, they found the source code ‘TOPS-10’ in the dustbin. Hacked the accounts of the people of the company. Several months later the company caught up with Bill and Allen’s activities. By then, Bill and Allen had become more programming.

The unorganized Bill in Harvard University :-

Bill Gates lived in a hostel at Harvard University. And without attending the class, he used to take the course of his choice. Although he had to read a lot of problems for this, he got ‘A’ in all the exams. His teachers were also shocked. While at Harvard, twenty-year-old Bill solved a complex problem of arithmetic that had remained unresolved for thirty years. After solving the puzzle called ‘pancake

sorting’, the math professors got excited about Bill. They could see the future Benjamin Pierce in the Bill.

Bill Gates’ solution was published in 1985 in the world famous Maths Journal. Shortly afterwards, Bill abruptly left Harvard and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. With his friend Allen, he opened a company that makes code for computer microprocessors, Microsoft. Bill’s teacher, Papadimitru, said, “Bill’s ability to conquer the world with numbers went invain.”

The reckless bill of Albuquerque :-

Bill became unrestrained while in Albuquerque. The desert was near the Microsoft office. Every day he would take one or another car to the desert. He used to drive recklessly in the heart of the desert. One day he rented a Porsche 928 Supercar and went to the desert with a friend. The speed of the car gave up to around one hundred and fifty km per hour. The accident happened naturally. Bill and his friend had to cut the floor of the car Porsche. It took a year to repair the car.

Albuquerque city police arrested Bill three times for violating traffic laws. One of the cops caught Bill twice. Both times he was coming to Seattle from Albuquerque in his Porce 911. One time he didn’t obey the red signal, another time he didn’t have a license. However, before being caught three times, Bill drove miles and miles in a meteorite and left the police in a daze.

When Bill Gates is ‘Boss’ :-

In the beginning, Bill Gates memorized the car numbers of Microsoft employees. He would look out of the window of his house and look at the parking lot to see if any staff members were in the office. This put a lot of pressure on the workers. However,he could not maintain the habit as it grew. Bill Gates was the bug of the classic Windows game ‘Mine Sweeper’. The game created by his company began to influence his work. One day in anger he uninstalled the game from his office computer.

Bill Gates was an impossibly crazy man. He could not work continuously and fell asleep. After work, he would fall asleep on the office floor. One Monday, Bill Gates’ new secretary came into the office in the morning and found his boss unconscious on the office floor. The secretary screamed in panic, thinking that Bill Gates had fallen ill. Bill Gates, embarrassed by the woman’s screams, jumped up from the floor in embarrassment. It was learned that Bill Gates slept on Sunday night after Friday night.

The self-absorbed Bill Gates :-

No matter where he goes in the world, every time a worker stays with Bill Gates just to carry a bag of books. On the plane, in the car, in the middle of the meeting, the book is Bill’s only companion. Bill reads about 60-70 books a year to get rid of the monotony of travel. Complex books include books on quantum mechanics and algorithms. “Being immersed in a book is the best way to learn new things and test your comprehension,” said Bill.

As a teenager, Bill’s favorite book was the World Book Encyclopedia. He finished all the pieces in his school life. The only compilation of Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific writings in the collection of book-mad Bill Gates is Codex Lester. He bought the rare manuscript at auction in 1994 for Rs 228 crore.

Bill Gates takes one week off each year just to think. He locks himself in a small room with lots of books, notebooks and pens. Voluntarily slowing down the pace of life, he spent a week trying to find solutions to the world’s problems.

“I’m in any good job in the world,” said Bill Gates :-

Bill Gates has saved only two hundred and twenty five crore rupees for his three children. In his words, leaving huge sums of money for children is not fair to them. But this Bill Gates has donated two lakh sixty five thousand crore rupees till 2016 for the development of the poorest countries of the world.

Some volunteers once went on behalf of an African volunteer organization in the hope of receiving donations from Bill Gates. After hearing all, Bill Gates asked to put the amount of money in front of the blank check. The volunteers put the money in the check out of fear. After looking at the check for a while, Bill Gates said, “The number needs to change.” The volunteers thought they had written more money on the check. “Wait, I’m doing it,” Bill Gates said. He then placed two more zeros to the right of the numbers written on the check.

There is someone richer than him, no he is not Jeff Bezos :-

Once Bill Gates was number one on the list of the richest people in the world, he was asked by the students of a university if there is any one richer than him! In answer to the question he told a story.

Bill Gates was going somewhere through New York Airport once. He was not rich then. He took the paper from a paper vendor outside the airport and returned the paper as there was no change with him. The paper seller gave Bill Gates the paper for free, you don’t have to pay. The same thing happened again after a few months later. On that day also the seller gave the paper to Bill Gates for free and said, “I am giving you the paper from my profit. You take it.”

Nineteen years later, Bill Gates remembered the paper seller. After a month and a half of trying, he found the paper seller. Asked him

– Do you know me?

– Yes, you are Bill Gates.

– Do you remember I took once paper from you for free?

– Yes, I gave you the paper twice for free.

Bill Gates then told the paper seller, tell me what you need. I want to help you. The paper seller laughed and said, how will you pay for that day’s help! I was poor then, you were poor too. Today you are rich, so you want to help. But now I don’t need your help anymore. Tears came to Bill’s eyes. He became emotional and realized, to help somebody one need not be rich rather one needs to have a big kind heart.  Bill Gates, the millionaire, came back with the best education of his life, gained from a paper seller who is more richer than him by heart.

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