Participants of Vaccine Trial in Bhopal (Bhopal), capital of Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) Deepak Maravi When news of the case of (Deepak Marawi) death was seen by NDTV, there was a lot of uproar, the next day the government formed a committee which examined the documents related to the trial protocol from 12 noon to 3 pm in the clinical trial office. She gave a report till evening without talking to her relatives. But two months after the death, the viscera report did not come. It is alleged by the family members that the signatures shown in the consent form are not of Deepak.

Even after two months of the death of Deepak Maravi, a participant in the vaccine trial, many questions remain. NDTV has obtained an exclusive copy of the last serious adverse event (SAE) report sent in this case only on 2 January. It is clear that till then no unblinding was done in the case of Deepak.

The documents also include the company’s correspondence with DSMB, according to which the initial report of Deepak’s death was given on 22 December. A meeting was also held on the same day. Then on 1 January a postmortem report was shared with DSMB members, in which one member described it as possibly suicide. We do not know what the final determination of the cause of death was done by DSMB or DCGI or how long the process will take?

A few days ago, Dr. AK Dixit, the dean of the People’s Hospital, where Deepak Marawi received his first dose, said in a press conference that as per company rules, we cannot decode the case at the moment, it will be only after the trial is over. .

After the matter came to light, the vaccine manufacturer also said in its statement. According to the company, preliminary investigation shows that the death has nothing to do with the vaccine given in the trial. The vaccine is tested in secret, so it cannot be said whether the volunteer was given the original vaccine or the placebo. Placebo is not a medicine and has no side effects.

But the question is, when it is not known whether the participant was given the vaccine or the placebo, then why the rush of clean chit before that? The family alleges that the MoU is not signed by Deepak, nor was there any audio-visual recording of the consent. Deepak’s wife Vyjayanti Maravi said, “The paper we have received, he is signed in English, he used to sign in Hindi. It has been so many days not giving me the report. Poison is made, he told, but no one is telling where it was made, how it was made.

It has been said everywhere in the report that after the death of his father, the son called the hospital and informed himself. But the family is also telling it wrong. Deepak’s son Suraj Maravi told that “When we came to know that he had calmed down, then he got a call. I told him he was in Hamidia. The next call came on 8 January to apply for a second vaccine.

The biggest question is when will the most important viscera report come. Suraj asks the question whether the viscera report did not come after the postmortem report. Someone speaks in 8 months. Nobody is telling anything clearly.

The Congress is demanding an inquiry into the matter. The government says that everything will be within the time limit. Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang said that many experts say that the death did not result from the vaccine. When we asked the experts, they also say that we will find out from the viscera report, when will it come? So he said he has a time limit. Time will come, it is sure that there will be a reality regarding any death, there is no intention to hide anyone.

At the same time, Congress leader and former Law Minister PC Sharma said that the government is pressing the matter. He was not looked after. Overall, the whole matter being pressed should be investigated. By the way, the family is repeating again and again that Deepak could not take poison, he was ill from the second day of taking the dose. We have also repeatedly said that we do not know how the death happened but the fact is that he was a participant in the vaccine trial. In such a situation, it becomes more important that the truth be revealed through the viscera report.


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