Ashok Tanwar and other MLAs joining TMC in Meghalaya – Congress is not asking grassroots leaders

Meghalaya Assembly Elections: In Meghalaya, 12 out of 18 MLAs of the opposition Congress joined the Trinamool Congress under the leadership of former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma. Responding to this, once close to Rahul Gandhi and former president of the party’s Haryana unit, Ashok Tanwar said that people are leaving the Congress because the grassroots leaders are not being asked, those who are left are being killed.

In such a situation, all those leaders who want to do something for the country are looking for better options and Mamata Banerjee is the only leader who is fighting with BJP. He said that even today in Meghalaya, MLAs have joined Trinamool. I will also tell the Congress that when you yourself are not able to fight, then support the one who is fighting, support Mamta didi. Mamta didi is the only one who can become prime minister in 2024 by fighting BJP.

He further said that Andhir Ranjan Chowdhury is accusing us of nexus with BJP, if he comes in front of me, then tell me how Gehlot government is running in nexus with Vasundhara in Rajasthan, how he is colluding in Orissa, when the government was formed in Haryana. So how was it made?

Trinamool Congress is the main opposition party in Meghalaya’s house

The Trinamool Congress became the main opposition party in Meghalaya’s house, despite 12 out of 18 Congress MLAs joining the Trinamool Congress in Meghalaya and not winning any seats in the 2018 assembly elections in the 60-member Assembly. After this, politics has happened in Meghalaya. Congress has also accused Mamta Banerjee of horse-trading.

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