Kolkata. The Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is campaigning in the wake of the West Bengal assembly elections, has targeted the state’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on the issue of ‘outsiders’. He has spoken of a big victory in the state. During this, he also spoke on the corona virus spreading in the state, Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and farmer issues. He has made it clear that the BJP has had some problems in Punjab.

CM Banerjee is constantly calling BJP an ‘outsider’ in Bengal. In an interview to The Indian Express, Shah spoke on this issue. He said that we do not need to do anything about it. The people of Bengal have already decided. He said that if this is the concept, then is Rabindranath Tagore an outsider for Uttar Pradesh. Are Subhash Chandra Bose outsiders for Telangana and Tamil Nadu. During this, he has made it clear that the Chief Minister of the state will be from Bengal. However, he has not announced the CM face.

Shah said that critics believe that BJP is doing caste politics to gain votes in West Bengal. When the results are out, Didi will realize that she has been defeated by all, not by only one caste, but by Bengal. The Home Minister is confident that the BJP is going to form the government in Bengal. They have said that they have been saying since November 2017 that the party will win more than 200 seats in this election.

What about CAA and agricultural law?

Regarding CAA in Assam, Shah said that CAA is a law and it has to be implemented. He said that I think CAA law is good for the country and has been made for the good of the country. It is about those issues that affect millions of people and we cannot keep people in the dark about it. They have said that it will be implemented.

Due to the new agricultural law, the farmers had demonstrated a lot. After this, BJP was severely criticized. The farmers of Punjab and Haryana played a big role in this protest. In such a situation, the party is facing great difficulties in Punjab. Shah said that there have been some problems, but we are working on them. We are explaining to the people that these are for the benefit of the farmers and I am sure that people will understand.

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