Amit Shah said, Eastern India was backward in the race for development, we changed the situation

Amit Shah in Indian Chamber of Commerce: Eastern India had lagged behind the rest of the country in the race for development. But, PM Modi had said that if our government is formed, then we will focus on East India. Within seven years a lot happened for the development of Eastern India. Union Home Minister Amit Shah said these things while speaking on the empowerment of North East India, a program of the Indian Chamber of Commerce on Thursday. He said that Assam had the highest per capita income before independence as compared to the country.

Amit Shah said that the reason behind the lag in development is attributed by some to the sting of partition. Some people attribute the reason for the cut due to international borders. He also explains the reason for our important port to go to Bangladesh. Some people also attribute this to the long rule of the Left. But, statistics show that the development of eastern India was very low compared to the rest of the country. The Union Home Minister said that today the winds of change can be seen in Bengal, Bihar, Orissa. But, the pit was so big that it takes time to fill it. Assam and Eastern India contributed a lot to the development of the country. But, later it lagged behind in the race of development. The Northeast is also important to the country as a cultural heritage. There can be no talk of development without equating the Northeast with India in every respect.

Amit Shah said that the Northeast is so important that the borders of 5 countries are connected here. The Northeast is one of the 18 biodiversity spots in the world. We should promote it by marketing it. One-fourth of the country’s forest cover is in the northeast and about 30 percent of the dense forest is in the northeast. In a sense, it is the lungs of Northeast India. The Northeast is also very important from the social point of view. There are over 270 social forms and over 185 languages ​​spoken. The Union Minister said that using this some people made the Northeast very difficult. Till 2014, the work of creating a big gulf in the hearts of the rest of the country was done against the Northeast. When he was the BJP President, he went to a medicine shop in Nagaland to get medicine. The shopkeeper did not recognize him. He asked where did you come from? I said, came from Calcutta. The shopkeeper said – well have come from India.

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