New Delhi: Hardayal Municipal Heritage Library, the oldest library of the national capital Delhi, is in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, whose renovation work was going on for the last one year. On completion of the work, Dr Harsh Vardhan inaugurated it today. Along with this, former BJP MP Vijay Goel, Delhi State President Adesh Gupta and mayors of all three municipal corporations were also present. On this occasion, along with the history of the library, Dr Harsh Vardhan also gave suggestions related to Corona to the people. In which telling about how important the mask is, he also gave an example of wearing a mask himself.

Dr Harsh Vardhan said on this occasion that Kovid Appropriate Behavior is very important. He said that in 1.5 years, I would never have seen the mask below my nose, and I also wear a mask at home. Because there is exposure from many people outside. Wearing the mask properly at all times, keep washing hands. After the lockdown, it is now a little open, slowly opening with precautions. The new strain that spreads rapidly is the main reason for the spread of corona. But doing big functions, not wearing a mask is also the reason. There have been less than 1 lakh cases. It is very important for us to take precautions for the coming time as well.

Talking about the history of the library, Dr Harsh Vardhan also appreciated the work of the people working in the library. The Hardayal library contains the Mahabharata which was written in Persian, which was written by Abul Fazl. The books in this library are being digitized. Dr Harsh Vardhan mentioned this in the Digit India vision of Prime Minister Modi. Giving example, said that there is a population of 135-140 crore people in India, and we can see and access all this vaccination data live at any time, the same is available to the public as well, where to get the vaccine. All this is possible through digital medium.

The renovation work of Hardayal Library was going on since the Corona period. This library is more than 100 years old, and being quite old, its building as well as the books present here needed attention, due to which the work of renovation was started on behalf of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, which That has been completed to a large extent now, but there is still some work left. About which North Delhi Municipal Corporation Mayor Jai Prakash says that it is a heritage library. The heritage that has been taken care of, and as soon as it is unlocked, it will be opened to the people.

However, the books present in this library are being digitized as they are very old. According to Rekha Sinha, secretary of the library for three years, there are 1 lakh 70 thousand books in this library and are trying to save these books along with this building because it is a heritage.


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