Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that even though he has become the Prime Minister of the country twice, his intention is not to “rest”, but to achieve 100 per cent target of government schemes. is. For this, he is preparing to mobilize with new resolutions and new energy.

While addressing the ‘Utkarsh Samaroh’ through video conference, the Prime Minister said that one day a ‘very big leader’ of the opposition had come to meet him and he had told him ‘Modi ji, what do you do? The country made you the Prime Minister twice or twice. What to do now.’

The Prime Minister did not name the said leader, but said that he continues to oppose him politically, but ‘I also keep respecting him.’ PM Modi said, ‘He (opposition leader) used to think that becoming Prime Minister twice means a lot has happened. They do not know that Modi is from a different soil. This Gujarat land has prepared it and so whatever happens, it is good, let’s take rest now, no it is my dream – saturation.

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He said that his government has moved forward towards the 100% target of the schemes and now the government machinery also has to make a habit of it. He said that in the last about eight years, due to the efforts of everyone, many schemes have been successful in bringing near to 100% ‘saturation’.

Prime minister Narendra Modi Said, ‘Now on this important occasion of eight years, once again we have to move forward with everyone’s efforts, with everyone’s support and working hard to give every needy person their due. Have to go.’

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