Mumbai: People are locked in homes due to lockdown these days. Corona continues to wreak havoc in Mumbai, the country’s financial capital. There is also a lockdown. There is a very funny incident in this situation. A person requested the Mumbai Police on Twitter and then the Mumbai Police who replied to him is becoming viral on social media.

In fact, these days the Mumbai Police is spreading the fire on micro-blogging site Twitter. This has happened once again. A user asked the Mumbai Police on Twitter, “Sir, my name is Sunny. Can I go out? ”On his tweet, the Mumbai Police advised him to stay in the house, using the man’s name in a very funny manner.

Mumbai Police wrote, “Sir, if you are really the star in the center of the Solar System around which the Earth and other components of the Solar System revolve, then we hope that you will feel the responsibility that you carry. Please do not compromise by exposing yourself to the virus. ” This reply of Mumbai Police is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. People are praising the response of Mumbai Police.

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By Roddur