47 lakh deaths due to corona mean Patna-Bhopal to die together?

Covid-19 Death in India: The war against the corona epidemic is still going on around the world. Meanwhile, the report of the World Health Organization on the deaths due to corona epidemic in India is quite worrying. However, it has been rejected by the Modi government at the Center. In its report, WHO has estimated the death of about 47 lakh people due to the Covid-19 epidemic inside India. In the report released by the WHO on Thursday, it was said that between January 2020 and December 2021, about 47 lakh people lost their lives. These figures are about 10 times more than the officially given data.

47 lakh deaths mean the death of many cities?

In the report of the World Health Organization, the figures of 47 lakh deaths due to corono have been mentioned. 47 lakh deaths means cities like Patna and Bhopal are going to die together. There are a total of 773 districts in the country as of April 2022. The population of many districts is very less, so 47 lakh deaths means destruction of many districts simultaneously. There are many small states whose population is very less.

In such a situation, one of the meanings of death from this corona is also that many small states have to end together. According to the 2011 census, Patna has a population of 2,046,652. The same Bhopal population is 2,368,145. Combining the population of both, this figure is less than 47 lakhs. According to the data of patna.nic.in/about the population of entire Patna district is 5838465 in which the population of Patna Rural is around 3323875 while that of Patna (Urban) is 2,514590.

Meaning of 47 lakh deaths?

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, has a population of about 4,588,455 according to the 2011 census. That is, 47 lakh deaths due to corono means almost clearing of Lucknow. The population of the same Gorakhpur district is also 4,436,275. The population of Azamgarh in UP is about 4,616,509. According to the 2011 census, the population of Muzaffarpur district of Bihar is 4,778,610. 47 lakh deaths also means destruction of cities like Gwalior and Jabalpur. Gwalior has a population of 2,030,543 while Jabalpur has a population of 2,460,714. If the population of both is combined, then this figure is around 45 lakhs.

47 lakh deaths meant the destruction of many small kingdoms!

There are many states in the country whose population is very less. The death of 47 lakh people due to corono means the ruin of many states with less population. According to the Goa government website, the population of the state is a little over 18 lakhs. The population of the Union Territory of Chandigarh is 1,055,450. According to the 2011 data, the population of Tripura is 3,673,917. Puducherry has a population of 1,247,953. The population of Manipur is 2,570,390. The population of Nagaland is 1,978,502. The population of Mizoram is about 1,097,206. The population of Arunachal Pradesh is about 1,383,727. In such a situation, it can be said that the death of 47 lakhs means the end of Tripura and Puducherry. The death of 47 lakh also means that Manipur and Nagaland end in death.

47 lakh deaths means many districts ending together?

There are many such districts in the country whose population is very less. In such a situation, the death of 47 lakh also means that many districts are destroyed simultaneously. Some of the districts with less than 10 lakh population are as follows-

    • Chitrakoot – 990,626
    • Mahoba 876,055
    • Porbandar 586,062
    • TAPI 806,489
    • Sheikhpura 634,927
    • North Goa 817,761
    • South Goa 639,962
    • Datia 786,375
    • Harda 570,302
    • Sindhudurg 848,868
    • Nilgiri 735,071
    • Chamoli 391,114

Will the death of 47 lakhs mean the destruction of Dubai and Sharjahan?

The death of 47 lakhs due to corona in India also means the death of modern cities like Dubai and Sharjahan in the cheeks of time. According to the 2017 figures, the population of Dubai is around 29 lakhs. The population of Sharjahan is close to 1,274,749. In such a situation, if we add the population of both the cities, then this figure reaches around 41 lakhs. That is, less than the figure of 47 lakhs released by the World Health Organization regarding the death of corona in India.

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