Rajkot. The second wave of Corona (2nd Covid Wave) in Gujarat at this time is a severe outbreak. This is the reason why the state government has also heard scathing comments from the Gujarat High Court. But in the meantime, there are two such Villages in Rajkot district of the state which can become an example not only for Gujarat but for the whole country. The names of these villages are Jaswantpur and Sarwada. In both these villages, during the last one year, the cases of corona came out very low or equal to say nothing. No one has lost his life due to the epidemic. Even at this time, both villages have closed shops for the prevention of Corona cases. And people cannot be seen outside unnecessarily. In both the villages, no festival or festival of any kind is being celebrated, so that the crowd does not gather and social distancing remains.
How social distancing efforts and the role of ASHA workers Vegetables in these villages are brought through rickshaws and sold in the school premises built in the village itself. Babu Bhai Hirani, the head of a village, says that according to the rule, the vaccination of all the people in the village has been completed. In the village, ASHA workers work to make people aware of the danger of corona.
Important role of Primary Health Centers During the lockdown, it was explained to everyone that no one would get out of the house without any reason. In this regard, posters were placed everywhere in both villages. Also, the role of the primary health center here was also important. The testing and vaccination of people has been done very seriously. Apart from this, special care was also taken on sanitation and sanitation so that the epidemic would not spread.

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