12 feet deep submerged road in Delhi’s Nawada

New Delhi: A part of the road under the Nawada metro station in South West Delhi’s Uttam Nagar assembly constituency collapsed about 12 feet deep. According to the people living nearby, this incident happened around 5 pm when suddenly people were shocked by the sound of road breaking.

Delhi Traffic Police also issued an alert giving information about the road and told that alternate road has been opened by putting up barricades. By 8 o’clock this pothole was filled and one lane of the two-lane main road started running smoothly but it is a very busy road and imagine the danger that such an incident can invite on the main road. May go.

Now politics heats up about 12 feet deep pit

Fortunately, no loss of life took place in this incident, but it is time to fix the responsibility because such an accident can cause huge damage in future. South Delhi Municipal Corporation Mayor Mukesh Suryan says that this main road does not come under his purview. It is the responsibility of the Delhi government and PWD, they have notified the Delhi government several times regarding the cleanliness and repair of the road. We also wanted to know his side from the Delhi government but at present no response has been received from his side.

Now politics has also become heated regarding the 12 feet deep pit. Mayor Suryan says that “Delhi government’s pole is open once again. You must have seen that today the road in Nawada metro station of North Nagar has collapsed. This is the road of PWD. Had the work been done, today the people of Delhi’s Uttam Nagar would not have had this problem.

Government should stop showing work on paper – Mayor Suryan

Mayor Suryan further said that, “The municipal councilor of our area also raised the issue regarding the cleanliness of the drain, but the deaf deaf state government, Kejriwal government did the work of hurting the people. Today 10 to 12 feet deep The road has sunk there. To show the work of cleaning the drains there in the papers, the Delhi government is doing it, it would be better if the government should stop showing the work on the surface only. But what assurance of the government will fill and remove the questions and fears in the minds of the people?

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